Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your Cosmetics like Makeup and Skincare Products

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Common Skincare Ingredients to Avoid, According to Dermatologists 

Ingredients to Avoid in Makeup and Skincare Products

You have a right to know what ingredients are present in your cosmetic products. But seeing that there are so many ingredients, you may not be sure what to look for. Well, how are you going to find out? Not very easy if you ask me. You have to check out the ingredients list on the back of the products yourself. There is no one there to help you. But if you commit to it, you will tell you what chemicals are on the list. Once you find those chemicals you want to avoid, you can seek out products containing those very same ingredients.

By looking at the back of the products, you will immediately tell you what you can expect from that product. Even though a product may say that it is a moisturizer, you may not tell if it will help. By looking at the back of the product, you will have an idea of what it will do for you. And you should always read the ingredients before you buy the product. Always research the back of the product first because some companies only list the ingredients on the front of the bottle while others do not.

What to do After Finding Ingredients

If you find ingredients that you want to avoid, you can always find those products. If you find ingredients that you already use and are listed there, you can replace them with something else. It is a kind of your baby hair shampoo or baby shampoo alternative. You can always use the baby shampoo on days that you are too lazy to care for it.

The back of the products will more than likely say whether it is for daily use or problem hair. If it is for daily use, then put it in your refrigerator and it will stay good and fresh. If you are trying to get rid of hair for good, that is a good idea.

On the other hand, if you are trying to get rid of the problem hair for good, you should avoid those products that say they are problem tizzy. Instead, it would be best to use the gentlest thing you can find and either find a hair detangler or a hair growth remedy. If you have a bad problem with hair growth, you should use the hair growth remedy. It will be working just as hard as a good product if you get the same ingredients.

Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your Cosmetics
Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in your Cosmetics

The back of the mind is full of information. If you take the time to read the back of the bottle of hair growth product, you will find more information about that product. That all sounds like a bit of a comedogenic eye infection. If you do not take the time to look at the back of the bottle, you may think that the product is not that bad. But you would be surprised at how many people are using the wrong hair growth product.

So do not just take the easy way out and buy the final product. Instead, think about what the back of the bottle says. If it says to use the product for daily use, then use it. It is that simple.

Importance of Protein in Skin Care Products

Now I said to be sure to look at the back of the bottle. Then you would get a much clearer picture of what the product can do for you. And you would probably be surprised by what it can do for you.

The only ingredient that you may extract a little bit from the back of the bottle is protein. Protein is what gives hair its strength. So without protein, your hair is just a list of broken hairpieces. Nothing has replaced the loss of protein from the body that makes hair grow. Hence, the protein that you will find on the label is only nano-emulsion protein.

Apart from the Nano-emulsion protein that I mentioned earlier, hair growth products will also contain other ingredients designed to boost your tresses. Each ingredient has its unique role to play. And the manufacturer knows it. Every ingredient has been formulated to do a specific job.

So what does keratin do? It is the building block of your hair. It helps to keep the moisture in the hair. How does it do that? The keratin is mixed with the amino acids. It strengthens the hair. It also works as a deep conditioner to make the hair soft and smooth. Thus, it is the hair’s building block.

Besides all that, keratin also helps the hair to retain its natural form. When a hair has a curly appearance, the keratin helps to make it look straight. More curly hair becomes healthier. The keratin allows the hair to protect itself from heat and water, so the hair cuticle remains flat.


which Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare
which Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare

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