Start Losing Weight With the compliments

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Start Losing Weight With the compliments
Start Losing Weight With the compliments

How do you feel? Did you put on a few extra pounds? Are you unhappy with the way you look? Are you trying to lose weight to get the compliments you’ve wanted or to have the energy you crave? The answer to all of these questions is most likely a resounding yes! Two-thirds of the United States are overweight and many others are obese. Health problems associated with being overweight and obese are numerous, and fat people pay a very large price. You can leave your kids off here, but you’re also paying the price. Your health and life are in danger. We must face the facts and do something about it.

The facts are both obvious and hard to admit. The United States is the leading customer of diet foods. Today, two-thirds of this country is on a diet. We are constantly bombarded with promotions of “miraculous pills” that turn on our hunger and appetite without us ever leaving the couch. We spend more on diet foods and snacks than on all the worldly pleasures we enjoy. We don’t realize that we are getting fat because of our eating habits, not because of snacks. We eat too much; we eat too much of the wrong foods.

Have you ever tried to lose weight and actually succeeded? You weren’t hungry! You were able to stick to your weight loss program and lose weight. You were proud of yourself, and you felt great. You probably even felt a little younger! Now, it’s time to go back to the basics – the simple truth is that losing weight will take work and effort to keep off.

Lose Weight.

Living a few days on nothing but water or trying to starve yourself is no way to lose weight. Burning fat and getting slim is a long-term project. To achieve your goal you must plan ahead and commit yourself to exercise and proper eating. We’re not helping the problem, and that’s where vital planning is required. Determine how much you’re eating each day and use the nutrition labels on food packages to figure out just how much energy you have to expend. Research healthy foods that have the right amount of calories, fat, salt, etc. If you eat different foods from the various food groups, you will not feel hungry.

Start Losing Weight
Start Losing Weight

You must develop an exercise routine. These first, drastic steps will be followed for many months, perhaps even years, but you must find one physical activity that you will truly enjoy. That can be walking, swimming, skating – anything that will get that fat burning burner stoked up and make you feel great. The first time you take a good look at your diet, try and reduce the salt, sugar and fat. Eliminate snacking, and stop eating late at night. Eating healthy is a lot more filling and enjoyable. The pounds may not appear to be coming off, but one night of over eating won’t derail your diet.

Keep a record of your calorie intake and output and chart changes. Keep a log of every bite you eat, every minute you spend exercising, and every morsel of food you put into your mouth. Do this for one week, and then average your daily calorie burn for each day. The diet will prove, and you will have to keep doing this week after week to maintain your weight and fitness level. A journal of your eating behavior can be a wonderful learning tool while you maintain a healthy weight.

Once you reach your desired level of fitness, you can increase your intensity of your workouts. Increasing your work out minutes and / or work out time, but not to the point of exhaustion. As you gain more endurance, realize that you will probably be able to complete more of those repetitions. Keep your weight off with out reaching a diet, and most importantly keep the excitement of getting fit. Your health is your life, and in it you’ll have the most exciting time you could’ve ever imagined.

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