How To Remove Upper Lip Hair At Home

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair At Home

How To Remove Upper Lip Hair At HomeWays for Removal of Hair from Your Upper Lip

Hair on the upper lips can be one of the most irritating problems for all women. You will find lip hair emerging when you are a teenager, and most women would seek to have it removed as soon as possible.

There are various ways you can try to remove this hair. However, you may find that your best options are to use lip waxing products.


The waxing process is usually done over the counter. There are several types of lip waxing products on the market. You should know what each product can offer you. Knowing the pros and cons of each can help you decide which is the best kind of lip waxing product to use.

Most lip waxing products have natural ingredients such as lemon, essential oils and sugar. These ingredients are known to help reduce the pain and speed up the extraction process. Still, you may wish to wax with a heating tool to speed up the process and help remove hair. Lip waxing products that have a scent and maybe some color will appeal to your senses. It will give you a light feel when you are done.

Lip hair removal will give you much smoother skin. It will also prevent the hair from growing back. The process is just short-term, usually costing you a few bucks. The price will depend on the size of the area. If you have sensitive skin, some waxing products are liquid or thick inconsistency. Those with thin skin should use a thick wax and not a runny one.

How difficult the hair is to pluck

  • The Lip area is small so that the waxing will be easy
  • You want to remove hair from the whole area, including the sides
  • You can apply pain reducing cream or numbing gel over the waxed area
  • In case of a small problem, consider numbing gel for the first application. If you find that the pain reduces after multiple applications, you might want to consider numbing cream

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2) Electrolysis

This method is best suited for individuals with dark hair. It is painful to remove hair from areas where the hair is darker and more difficult to remove hair from areas where the hair is lighter. The process is permanent, meaning that the hair will not grow back in those areas.

Laser is another way to remove hair through electrolysis. The process is permanent, meaning that the hair growth will not be able to continue as normal.

the treatment must be applied for a considerable amount of time to achieve success

  • it can be quite painful to remove hair through electrolysis
  • it can cause redness or burn on the skin
  • it is costly, both in terms of time and money
  • It isn’t easy to find professionals trained in electrolysis. Most electrologists or those providing electrolysis at home have had some training.

What is the electrolysis procedure?

The electrolysis process is performed in the following ways:

A metal probe is inserted into the skin alongside the hair follicle. A small electrical current is then applied to the probe, which in turn stimulates the follicle. The root then destroys the follicle.

How many hair follicles can be treated in one session?

It depends on the areas of your body where you want to concentrate hair removal. Whichever body part is larger; usually, the back or chest can require up to three or four treatments in one session. However, if you want to use the legs, you will need to space out treatments for each body part.

Does electrolysis cause pain?

Even though some may feel discomfort during electrolysis, most patients describe it as a sensation similar to a small elastic bandage snapping against your skin.

How long does it take?

Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to complete one session. Several treatments will be required in each session, ranging anywhere from 10 to 60 treatments. Electrolysis treatments should be spaced out to allow the electrolysis implant to reach peak performance.

How much does it cost?

The average cost of one electrolysis procedure runs about $250 per session. For more sensitive or hard-to-reach areas of your body, you may need to pay more.


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